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In the dynamic world of finance, strategic investments play a pivotal role in fueling growth and innovation. Archers Wealth, a leading financial services firm, is proud to offer comprehensive expertise in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Our commitment is to guide businesses and investors in Pune through the intricacies of these powerful investment avenues.

Value Creation for Startups:

Archers Wealth is an investment bank that helps start-ups get fund-ready and connect them with global investors based on their specialisation and investment appetite. We help you commercialise your idea, build a growth infrastructure, boost your top line revenue, swell your bottom-line profits, scale, streamline operations and optimise your system and process for maximum sustainability and profitability. Plus, increase your global outreach, build a more efficient and widespread supply chain, and get essential resources.

Archers work closely with the founders to identify their financial needs, advise on increasing the valuations of their ideas, help create business models, set business operations, get funds and get advice during mergers and acquisitions and exits.

Archers Wealth Unique Advantages

A global network of investors, financial institutes, partners, and customers.

Multiple Investment channels (PE, VC, Angel, SAFE, Debt, Working Capital, etc.)

Specialist and domain experts for every stage of the investment cycle

Innovative Acquisition Models, Global Distribution Model

How We Fund:

We take pride in supporting brilliant ideas and organisations passionate about creating an impact and making a difference. From productising the ideas to bringing them to the marketplace to scaling — we fund at every crucial step of growth.

We invest in funds like Venture Capital, Private Equity, Startup Business Funding, Mergers, Acquisitions, Debt Funds, etc.

Our Investment Principles and Process:

We thoroughly evaluate your business on 40+ parameters that investors look for. You get to know how ready is your business to get funded and what’s its funding capacity. We use assessments and expertise to analyse success factors like idea feasibility, market risk, profit potential, market fit and others.

Our objective advice and solutions that are based on well-researched information and analytics. You get a detailed gap analysis, recommendations and insights so that you have more confidence and be fund-ready. Over the years, we have worked in 30+ domains and have created a unique process and have the expertise to analyse the businesses to mitigate risk.

Our Unique Approach:

Our team of global investment professionals with expertise in different domains makes the evaluation and investment process simpler, quicker, and more thorough. We orchestrate a fund-raising strategy, tap into our increasing network of global investors and global investment opportunities and follow a risk-mitigating process, creating exceptional value for investors and businesses.

Archers– Cutting Edge – Business Evaluation Assessment Tool:

Get assessed for business preparedness, fund-readiness and commercial feasibility from “Investor’s Perspective”.

Our Products and Services

Venture Capital Funding:

Archer has a team of experts to help you every step of the way- business valuation, identifying capital needs, business and financial plan, pitch deck, shareholder agreement, due diligence and ‌connecting you to our network of Venture Capitalists globally.

We work with founders and visionaries to commercialise their ideas, commercialise their innovation, build new technologies, and build the growth infrastructure and to accelerate and scale the business.

Archers Wealth connects businesses to investors whose interests are aligned and are looking to invest in specific sectors. This fastens the investment process. Further, we leverage our global network of partners, investors, customers and distributors.

We leverage our unique approach to mitigate risk and create exceptional value both for investors and businesses.


Are you working on a million dollar business idea?

Get the power of our cutting-edge business evaluation assessment to remove assumptions and objectively validate your ideas’ market feasibility and fund readiness and open doors to a network of global investors.

We help you productize, launch, commercialise your ideas and scale your business

Get your business evaluated on 40+ parameters to know your business preparedness, fund-readiness and commercial feasibility from an “Investor’s Perspective”.

You also get in-depth analysis and recommendations on various crucial aspects of your business like idea feasibility, value proposition, yearly growth analysis, industry analysis, market potential, risk analysis, product analysis and more.

This empowers you to be prepared every step of the way, get fund-ready, remove assumptions and increase your chance for a successful fund-raise.

Private Equity Funding:

With over 10 years of in-depth experience in the complete private equity life cycle, we not only help companies get funds and business advisory at different stages of growth but also help in the execution of deals, negotiation but also with the governance, risk and compliance services, tax and regulatory services, transaction services, operating model, policies, and procedures.

Leverage our experts’ functional know-how and domain experience with Private Equity funding.

PE funding score

Business plan & financial plan

Pitch deck and proposals

Company Valuation report

Reach out and meet with investors

Customised reports on risk mitigation and assessment

Shareholder agreement

Term sheet

Valuation Negotiation


Every merger and acquisition is different and needs personalised, experience-based advice to make it a success. The deal is just the first step. There has to have synergy and smooth integration between the two companies. Archers Wealth helps map the path ahead after the transaction is closed. We deal with complexities, restructuring challenges, and create a for executing change management.

Archers Wealth has a team of acquisition specialists to help in different transactions like Mergers and Acquisitions, Sell-side, and Buy-side advisory.


Archers Wealth offers advice across the M&A cycle. We help in setting parameters for outbound acquisition, identifying and short-listing suitable acquisition targets at the global level, analysing synergies between the companies, closing transactions andthen support successful integration and change management.

Our high-impact and highly customised M&A solutions ensure ‌the client achieves its growth objective.

We also help our clients capitalise on opportunities and get a maximum value deal on their investment.

Debt Funding:

As a trusted debt funding advisor, our specialists go in-depth to analyse the current situation and forecast future demands and help you raise funds for short term and long-term needs.

We have connections with banking institutions and global debt funds. However, we work independently and so support you with unbiased, objective advice best in your interest to fulfil your financial goals.

It can be tiresome and time-consuming to reach out to different banks and global funds, understand their requirements and then choose the right one for yourself.

Our specialist speeds up the process, advises on what’s best for you and manages negotiation, all the approvals, paperwork, documentation and compliance, making it hassle-free for you to secure debt funds.



Cutting Edge Business Evaluation Assessment

Get your business evaluated on 40+ parameters to know your business preparedness, fund-readiness and commercial feasibility from an “Investor’s Perspective”.

You also get in-depth analysis and recommendations on various crucial aspects of your business — idea feasibility, value proposition, yearly growth analysis, industry analysis, market potential, risk analysis, product analysis and more.

Mitigate Your Business Risks

Mitigating risk is the first most crucial thing for any business and investor.

We use our broad experience to create your ideas or business’s risk matrix and report on how you can mitigate these risks.

Archers Wealth carefully analyses key parameters like the economic viability of the project, financial model, financial and legal structure, market go-to strategy and project pitch and more.

We perform the two-way role. First, our team analyses the funding needs, forecasts future requirements, and then reverse engineers how investors will evaluate a venture before funding. Thus significantly shoots up your chance of raising funds.


Acquisition Consultant

As a seasoned Acquisition Consultant, Investment Bankers, and advisors, we provide merger and acquisition consultancy. We also work with you for a minimum of five years to build long-term relationships. We fully understand your business needs and make your goals our top priority.

ARCHERS conducts its global search by identifying and assessing suitable acquisition targets. We perform a merger and acquisition analysis of the synergies between the companies and the commercial terms.

Besides, we work on scenario mapping and create the best value for our clients. They can also choose from various models of mergers and acquisitions. Also, we always deliver the best value for money invested for our clients.

Investor Search

It’s daunting to identify investors from around the globe, select the right one, and reach out and meet them. Is there a way to fasten this process? Is there a way to identify the investors who have already invested in the industry, product or services similar to yours?

Investor Search makes this process quick and easy for you. You get access to an aggregated global database of 30,000+ investors. Plus, it has specific parameters like demographics and interests to filter out investors that best suit your requirement. You save hundreds of hours and wasted trials and efforts.

Business Valuation Tool

First level Free Valuation: Instantly get valuation of your business using our simple, free calculator.

Second level Valuation: Get a more reliable and realistic valuation figure based on multiple financial norms, parameters and standards.

Third level Valuation: Get the most accuratevaluation figure based on a complex valuation calculation that includes accessing current performance, multiple and detailed financial parameters, competitive analysis, industrial growth, and more.

Financial Modelling:

Financial model is the foundation of any business success. Investors carefully analyse the financial model before they make any investment decision.

Your pitch deck and business need to have a robust financial model to increase the valuation of your company and get the investment you need. And your financial model needs to go through a detailed risk analysis and over 30 evaluation parameters.

You may not want to present a weak or wrong financial model and lose your chance of getting the investment.

Archers Wealth evaluates your financial model by analysing key parameters like cash flow statement, income statement, sensitivity analysis, valuation, industry growth analysis, revenue growth rate assumptions, operating cost and more.

Are you prepared with such extensive decision-making details to attract global investors? Archers Wealth helps you in presenting a robust, investment-ready financial model.


Attracting investors, raising capital, selling a business or looking for a successful exit? You need precise data to make the right financial decision. We analyse your historical data, access KPIs, and make calculated assumptions to forecast future performance.

Investor-Ready Financial Model Report

Investors look for economic viability, growth potential, scalability pace and other key growth and risk factors to decide 1) Can they invest 2) How much they should invest. Make your business plan and pitch deck investor-ready by presenting a data-driven, predictable financial forecast.


Are you investing across multiple industries globally? Do you want to know your accurate projected revenue and growth? Let our experts help you with more reliable and accurate financial reports leveraging our deep network and the most updated industry analysis.

Pitch Deck Creation:


Investors invest 3 mins on average to qualify a pitch deck. Don’t let glitches in your pitch deck lose you from the funds you need to build your dream business. Let us help you win a deal that can bring business dreams and visions into a reality. Get help from a team of pitch deck experts.


The right information in the right place, when presented well, can make all the difference. Firstly, we place important parameters that investors look for. Then turn complex ideas, data, and information into a compelling and engaging narrative that’s easy and quick to understand. We have a team of experts who work on different aspects of your pitch deck and illustrate your technical and financial information into great visuals, infographics, and brand stories. You get a pitch deck that’s unique, has high recall value and distinctly stands out from the competition.

Leverage our 10 years of fundraising experience

We have been helping start-ups to raise funds for over a decade now. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you with a winning, investment-worthy pitch deck and significantly boost your fund-raising success.

Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Private Equity (PE) refers to investments made in private companies that are not publicly traded on stock exchanges. Investors, often institutions or high-net-worth individuals, provide capital to private firms in exchange for equity ownership.
A2: Venture Capital (VC) is a subset of private equity focused on early-stage, high-potential startups. Unlike Private Equity, which often targets established companies, Venture Capital is geared towards fueling innovation in emerging businesses.
A3: Private Equity and Venture Capital are suitable for accredited investors and institutions seeking higher returns with a willingness to accept a longer investment horizon and associated risks.
A4: Private Equity offers benefits such as long-term growth, operational involvement, and diversification beyond traditional asset classes. It can be a valuable addition to a well-balanced investment portfolio.
A5: Venture capitalists evaluate startups based on factors like market potential, the strength of the founding team, scalability, and innovation. The goal is to identify companies with high growth potential.