Depending on the fundraising needs of the startup. We will typically invest 15 crore per ticket

You do not need to be revenue-making before applying. However, you will need to have an MVP before applying if you are pre-revenue

We will pre-dominantly invest in FinTechs with interesting business models, profound tech and a capable team. The startup must target a segment that have

As much information as you would like to share. We typically want to know who the founders and the key person are, the product and services itself and also the size of the addressable market in which you are targeting. The unit economics that you have may be good to have but is not essential for initial introduction deck

It will take around 1-2 months from the first meeting to formal signing, depending on each deal and the information made available to us in every round of discussion

We are committed to your success. Our portfolio companies will have direct access to us and can connect with our mentors and advisors at any time