To adapt to the inconsistent market conditions, Our company has initiated the use of Algorithm trading, focusing on the key strategies and processes for ensuring that orders are executed with precision, in a timely manner and to great effect.

Our unique Algorithm trading system is programmed with advanced self-learning algorithms that can automatically overhaul the rules to adjust to the current market behaviour by comprehending the latest trends. Their Methodical algorithm strategy has enabled them to accurately identify the short-selling or buying signals, leading up to book profits timely. The wealth management company is also betting big on the Cloud-based algorithmic that is set to play a significant role in the development of the new-age financial market

Archers Wealth’s expert research team and their AI-enabled ALGO system are directed at developing technologies to assist Corporates, HNIs, high-frequency traders, NRI and diverse investors by predicting their trading behaviour, monitoring their positions, and assessing risk appetite.

Back testing is a crucial component of streamlining a financially viable trading system. Statistics are calculated to discern the effectiveness of the strategy. This was supremely instrumental in enabling Archers Wealth to do away with any techniques that did not meet the defined criteria. They have rigorously back tested if their system is consistently and accurately predicting the future trade value of specific stocks by comparing them with actual historical results. Although one can seldom have access to external approach signals, back testing could very well provide regular access to performance measures such as the Sharpe Ratio and Drawdown characteristics.