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Our Strategy

You should always invest in those industries that you come in contact with, on a daily basis. Like food, bank, energy etc. The key is to identify the right proportion of stocks in the right sector in right time.

Our stock strategy outperforms Sensex by 34% considering last 7 years of CAGR. (Results considered with all Transaction charges and Taxes) Extensive back testing proves strong above average results for everyone.

If You had invested 1Cr (10 Millions) 7 Years ago. Today the Total value of your investment in our Strategy would be 15.75bCrore (157.5 Millions) that is at 48.3% Compounded Annual Growth Rote. It is 34% more than the performance of Sensex.

Why choose us

Our Stock Strategy outperforms Sensex by 34% considering 6 Yrs CAGR.

Results considered with all transaction charges and taxes. Extensive back-testing proves strong average results for everyone.


We Analyse Company Through advisory Meets, Vendor – Supplier & Staff Meetings

Global Economies

Qualitative Analysis, Fundamental 6 Technical Research based on Global Economies.