About Us

Archers WealthArchers Wealth is a Diversified Financial Services company. Established in 2007, Archer Wealth is group of Investment Bankers with decades of experience under our belt. In the fastest growing economy of India, we make sure that our customer’s investment grows just as fast as possible. Our aim is to keep the portfolios of our customers focused by not diversifying too much, which will also ensure maximum Real Returns

Who is an Investor? – A person with an aim of multiplying ones wealth through investments is an Investor.

Who is a Wealth Advisor – A person who helps the investor to achieve his / her aim with wise investment plan is a Wealth Advisor

We are an Independent Financial Services firm from Pune specializing in the areas of:

Investment Advisory
Personal Financial Planning


Viidyesh is one of the most Young, Dynamic and Vibrant Global Wealth Management Strategist. To find out which company would grow locally and which company had the potential to grow globally was exhilarating. He pounced on the opportunity. The fact that he was able to test the market at a tender age 18 was exciting. With his
strong economic research he was able to attain outstanding returns in Global Markets. He has a strong foundation in bottom up research and asset picking with extensive coverage of companies across sectors through management/company meetings. This makes him more ambitious and hopeful for what India, with the fastest growing economy in the world, has to offer us in the future. He is also known for his global strategy and global market predictions . His prediction in 2017 about the Indian economy at the World Wealth conference , Singapore in Nov 2017 has been reinstated by the World Bank & many others.

Our Values

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We Analyse Company Through advisory Meets, Vendor – Supplier & Staff Meetings

Global Economies

Qualitative Analysis, Fundamental 6 Technical Research based on Global Economies.