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Videsh is one of the youngest, dynamic and vibrant Global Wealth Management Strategists. To find about the companies that would grow locally and the companies that have the potential of growing ubiquitously was exhilarating to him. He pounced on every opportunity he got. And the fact that he was able to test the market at a very tender age of 18 is no less than a wonder.
With his empirical economic research, he was able to attain outstanding returns in Global Markets. He has a strong foundation in bottom-up research and asset picking with extensive coverage of companies across sectors through management and company meetings. All of this makes him more ambitious and hopeful for what India, the fastest growing economy in the world, has to offer us in the future.
He is also known for his global strategy and global market predictions. His prediction in 2017 about the Indian economy at the World Wealth Conference, Singapore in Nov 2017 has been reiterated by the World Bank & many others.

Archers Performance VS Sensex Past 7 yesrs

Archers Wealth is a SEBI / Exchange registered, equity investment firm and one of the leading financial services company. From corporate treasures to entrepreneurs, CXOs, family businesses, and more, our clientele is as diversified as our innovative solutions. Our ability to showcase accurate financial data to our clients goes a long way in achieving their decided wealth goals.

As an independent financial services firm, we offer unbiased advice to our clients that are solely dependent on our market research. Suggesting products in the area of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) , Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), Arbitrage, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Stock Trading, Bonds, and financial risk management products define our scope of work. Recommending specific products and services without any pressure from any parent company empowers us to deliver unbiased professional consultation.

Aiming to be a holistic financial service provider, we try to gauge your expectations, necessity, and aspirations. Accordingly, we research and pick out the best solutions that would be viable for Corporate / Company / HUF’S/ Individuals / FII’s / DII’s.

We are independent Wealth Management & financial services company  specializing in the areas of:

Investment Advisory
Personal Financial Planning

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